Dont Let me go - Ahmed Bukhatir

verse 1
Forgive me god, I beg I pray,
I did not do good in my day,
I did not do all that you say,
And finally I went astray.

verse 2
I ask you now for one more chance,
And iwill follow without a glance,
I'll change my life, my life for you,
And follow you, word through and through.


I will be back I promise,
Don't let me go this way,
Give me one more chance,
Don't let me go....

You are so kind,
You are so pure
You are the one,
You are my cure.

Don't let me go....
Don't let me go...
Don't let me go...
Verse 3
I know that i have missed my pray,
Thought you'd forgive me any way,
I took advantage of your love,
Not knowing you watched from abouve

Verse 4
I was so bad i could not see,
My sins all gathering in front of me,
I was so blind, until this day,
Didn't know i was of this way



So pure....

Don't let me go.....

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