Ummath Al Sahra (Rabbunallah) - From Album Samtan - Ahmed Bukhatir

Ahmed Bukhatir - Ummath Al Sahra nasheed is also known by Rabbunallah. Please check the video and download nasheed's MP3 file

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Ummatha Sahra Arabic Lyric's English Meaning

Desert nation you are the people of immortality
who other than you broke the chains of mankind
No one but you
Shouted no Kisra here no Kaesar
Who except you in past or in future
Spread Qur'an guiding for rationality
Calling in the great universe
Allah is the only Lord for slaves
You shone on the creatures
With guidance of the belief and wise way
And you forgot the value of the desert because of the luxury living
Each nation started building its renaissance
And I see your structure divided
In the past you were a nation
I am shocked now how you have become nations
All who neglected his subjectivity
He will not see in the time his nationalism
He who imitate the living of strangers become tired
Think of your time and be always first
As long as you were examples to the human being
And you fill the desert a resolution
and send once again by Omar's soul

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