Talib Al-Ilm - Ahmed Bukhatir

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Talib Al-Ilm  Lyrics (The Student)

By Knowledge, rather by morals
You achieve the highest ranks
Live scholars lives
And read varieties of books

Be always humble
Don't boast of your ancestry
It's enough to come out the realm of mankind with noble descent

Yes, yes but I am without a mother or a father
I aspire to sublimity
And I do not have money to satisfy my needs

Who will ever embrace me and grant me
I wish I have the position of the star
And to be a scholar
As knowledge is the heritage of the prophet

Oh! Brothers I entrusted you
You are the rest of Arabs
Support a student who are asking

Provide him with what he needs
Yes, is there anything better than
Teaching a boy


Ya Adheeman Ahmad Bukhatir

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Ya Adheeman Lyrics (Oh Most Magnificent!)

My soul is brightened by a light in my heart
When I praised God of mankind
And my soul is cheered up and the tears were flowing
Oh God! guide my heart to reason
In the tranquility of the night I pray during worshiping
While the black darkness is all around me
Oh Kind! Oh Most Merciful! Oh Most Forbearing!
Oh Kind! Your gifts are endless
Oh All-Hearing! Oh Answerer! Oh Most Magnificent!
Oh Creator of the strong predatory animals! Guide me
Guide me to truth, God
I depend on your guidance today
Oh God of the universe! You are my aid
You are the refuge of man in the afterworld
Here I am God, asking your forgiveness
Forgive me and grant me my wish 

Al Hijab - Ahmad Bukhatir

Al Hijab Nasheed Lyrics

Let them say about my hijab that it wastes my youth
Let them increases my blame, I belong to the religion
I swear I don't care of what they say, my intention is as mountains
There is no meaning for the beauty if you can get it easily

They tried to cheat me, I screamed leave me alone
I will stay in my fences, I don't accept an impudence
They will not defeat my pride, I am the purity sign I walked and piety is my shine... I walked after the best Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

Proud myself I refuse to be law... Oh my sister... Somaya is my best example
I feed my soul with the guidance of the religion... Oh sister our fountain is pure
Our way is the way of chastity... Walk in it you do not fear

Our religion is the religion of virtue it doesn't accept the vice
Oh daughter of religion fly to the paradise

With my hijab I win the respect I will go forward... I don't care of blaming me

Dar Al-ghoroor - Ahmed Bukhatir

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Dar Al-ghoroor Lyrics (World Of Pride)

Isn't everything is forthcoming,
And everyone has his own destiny on earth
People like to live long lives but death is creeping to them
Time is a witness on people, between distracted and pointed arrow
Many people we saw passing away
They all went to an embracing hole
Where the dear ones are safe
He is always deficient
One day he is young and another he grows old
Doesn't man wander at himself as it ages
If you find fault with something, Don't do it

Leave what you suspect for what is not suspicious
Are you deceived with a bright day, a dark night or a setting sun
Don't think that it is a world of pride
Don't you get that you are stranger in it 

Kitab Allah - Ahmed Bukhatir

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 Kitab Allah - Lyrics

This Qur'an unites us
It guides us to the path of goodness
Almighty Allah revealed it
And his prophet is our teacher
This Qur'an is the guide for our grandfathers and grandsons
It motivates to knowledge and work
Nothing except it edifies us
It's the book of Allah
Nothing except it edifies us
Let us follow it
It's the greatest miracle of Allah
It tells us about the secret of universe
All mighty Allah revealed it
And his prophet is our teacher
Let us follow its rules
Let's go on Arab 

Ya Eid Lyrics - Ahmed Bukhatir

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Ya Eid Lyrics (Oh Eid!)
Oh Eid! you are a gift from our creator God
You excite in us the joy of eager
You bring us together with our relatives and friends
You overwhelm us with mercy like a streaming well
It's our habit to visit people so kindly
No hatred, no bitter feeling, no arrogance at all
Getting up by your greatening the generous and every disobedient
And the couple may return hugging
The disputers may reconcile
And the children joy, many fly into the horizon!
Overwhelmed by happiness at home and the markets
The children and the adult are in such a race
Joyful with what is like the kohl in the eyes
Seizing a tasty opportunity
May Allah maintain their happiness
And make us always meet
Do not separate us as separation is bitter 

Ya Man Yara - Ahmed Bukhatir

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Ya Man Yara - (Oh who see!) Lyrics

Oh! who see the mosquito spread its wings
In the darkness of the black night

And see its vein in its upper chest
And the brain in these thin bones

And see blood running in its jugular vein
Moving from one joint to another

Forgive me
For what I have previously done

And see the embryo nurturing inside it
In the darkness of its innards without looking

And see its footsteps
In its quick and rushing movements

And see and hears other beings
In the bottom of the dark and huge sea

Forgive me
For what I have previously done

Fartaqi - Ahmed Bukhatir

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Fartaqi - Lyrics (Advance)

 Advance in goodness and rise to the horizon
Sublimity wanted from Muslims
You are the symbol of pearls and glories
Abandon the mud and rise to the sky
You will never see a night without a star
Run up the flags and go ahead
Light the lamp and be determined
Overcome the terrors however dark they are
Always advance by your firm will
Be a mole and symbol for people
Who seeks glory and sheds tears
Under the cover of dark night
Or raises dust in the enemy's face
Heaven has perfect magic
Always advance by your firm will
And be like mole and inspirational symbol for people

Ajaban - Ahmed Bukhatir

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How Strange (Ajaban)

How strange is man's carelessness
He passed through life with pride and peace
I thought of life it became my home
Like some passengers homes
The comfort of people union in it is one
Its littleness and plenty are the same
Till when is my endurance?
As if I were underground and then blessed with two fellows
I want multiply of more and more
If I confined my self to what's little, it would have been enough
How good parents are
As if I am displeased with my place by being close to them
Worries prepare me to the world
Searching for my dignity in disgrace
Denying me if the moist earth was piled up over me
Hide and deserted me

Ahmed Bukhatir - Entasaf Al Lays - Kam Tashtaki

Lyrics of Kam Tashtaki

Many you complain and say that you are poor
While you own the earth, the sky and the stars
The fields with their flowers, fragrances, the breeze and
The singing nightingale are all yours
Water is all around you like sparkling silver
Sun is above you like burning gold
The light builds and sometimes destroys embellishing pearls
On foots and at the tops
The world received you so cheerfully
So why are you gloomy
And it smiled for you
So why don't you smile
If you are depressed for past glory
How far it will return by sighs
If you are afraid from befalling misfortunes
How far it will be prevented by gloom
Or if you have passed your youth
Don't say time became old
As time does not age
Look still appearing from moist earth
So beautiful pictures that they would almost speak