Zayed al Wafaa (With English Meaning) - From Al Qudsu Tunadeena Album - Ahmed Bukhatir

Zayed Al Wafaa is another naseed came out with Al Qudsu Tunadeena album in 2003.
Please check the post to see the nasheed video and to download its MP3 file.

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English meaning of lyrics:

May your day for the nation be of sincerity!
May your love for earth be lasting!

You are like a pen that expresses us
You built glory like strong mountains
You inspired the nation to be benevolent

May you have a long life as you achieved the nations wishes
Zayed the benevolent, ask about him in the north,
South, highlands and lowlands

You unite people, since we have known you
You love all people not individuals

Through the gulf and oceans they've known Zayed
They have known Zayed for his spreading generosity

For all the glory we had
Without you we would have never been united

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