Samtan - From Samtan Album - Ahmed Bukhatir (Original Video) and English meaning (Lyrics)

Samtan a very emotional nasheed.  To be honest this nasheed makes me feel very sad and cry for our brothers and sisters in Palestine

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Samthan (Silence!)

Lend me your ear and llisten! my nation
I no longer can stand the death of my statement
My silence and crying could contain me no more
I am not used to frustration
The sun shines gloriously in my right hand
And I am Pleiades in my en devour and self-denial
I am a Muslim, and glory dips like the dew
And all the might is in my faith
I am the watering and treatment for life
And I am the shooting star you will see when it comes closer
O my nation! It's time to wake up
Hence,rejoice at the dawn of my eruption
O my nation! Extract a flag of civilization
The universe is in disarray without a pilot
There is no longer a way for senses
You are the hope...for me,you are my address
People's minds were puzzled by ideologies
that are not guided by a light from my Qur'an
The run after the west in panting
Will the drowning west verify my entity?
You run with a thousand questions in your eyes
The answer became hard to obtain..and that's what made me cry
The jew's hand fooled around with us
Together with a punch of those who sold religion to Satan
A city is appropriated every day
Where are the ones moved by my sorrows?
Where are the ones who spoke affectedly about Arabism?
And smacks the face of every coward
Where are the rights when a whole nation was exterminated?
I am blamed when I shout: that's enough
Ask the cat's rights innocence
Is a cat prior to a human being?
All right are protected in their tradition
Safeguard the rights of the Qur'an people!
Even though crying is my defect
I'll cry for your state all time
And I'll remain weaving my poems a flag
So as to flutter when my coffin shows

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