Ya Eid Lyrics - Ahmed Bukhatir

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Ya Eid Lyrics (Oh Eid!)
Oh Eid! you are a gift from our creator God
You excite in us the joy of eager
You bring us together with our relatives and friends
You overwhelm us with mercy like a streaming well
It's our habit to visit people so kindly
No hatred, no bitter feeling, no arrogance at all
Getting up by your greatening the generous and every disobedient
And the couple may return hugging
The disputers may reconcile
And the children joy, many fly into the horizon!
Overwhelmed by happiness at home and the markets
The children and the adult are in such a race
Joyful with what is like the kohl in the eyes
Seizing a tasty opportunity
May Allah maintain their happiness
And make us always meet
Do not separate us as separation is bitter 

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