Ahmed Bukhatir - Entasaf Al Lays - Kam Tashtaki

Lyrics of Kam Tashtaki

Many you complain and say that you are poor
While you own the earth, the sky and the stars
The fields with their flowers, fragrances, the breeze and
The singing nightingale are all yours
Water is all around you like sparkling silver
Sun is above you like burning gold
The light builds and sometimes destroys embellishing pearls
On foots and at the tops
The world received you so cheerfully
So why are you gloomy
And it smiled for you
So why don't you smile
If you are depressed for past glory
How far it will return by sighs
If you are afraid from befalling misfortunes
How far it will be prevented by gloom
Or if you have passed your youth
Don't say time became old
As time does not age
Look still appearing from moist earth
So beautiful pictures that they would almost speak


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