Lenantaleq - From Album Samtan - Ahmed Bukhatir

Lenantaleq nasheed from Samtan album.

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Lenantaleeq Nasheed (Lets go) Lyrics English translation

Let's go towards sublimation,let's always come first
asking for knowledge to brighten our path
God created world to be productive

As a person cannot live
all his live just on hopes
Let's spread our knowledge and our morals

Le'ts show them our excellence lets be famous among all
Don't be lazy,as everyone who worked hard
has reached their destination
Look at the ant which carries heavy things

Then look at the bee,how it gives us honey

The and and bee have taken the oath to work hard
So its time for us to learn from them

To reach perfection and
from them we must make it a habit

To collaborate Oh Nobles

The knowledge which the cast acquired
made them empires

And the west mimicked it and reached Saturn

And then offer for who has succeeded all the loyalty

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