Taweel Al Shauq Nasheed (With English Translation) - (From Al Qudsu Tunadeena Album) - By Ahmed Bukhatir

Taweel Al Shauq from Al Qudsu Tunadeena Album. Please check the post to see the video and to download MP3. Jazakallah!

Please download Taweel Al Shauq MP3 from here.

English Translation of the nasheed:

Taweel Al Shauq- Long Longing

A Longing person remains in alienation
He has no friends in life
Who trust the world of misfortunes
You trample on fellows in the dust 

I wonder at the one who wants you while he knows
That you are the strangest of creation
Except for the beautiful meaning that I have 

I would not have stayed in it
I found Allah, God of the Universe 

All the creatures love him
There are many evidences that he is the One
Despite the false arguments
Contemplate on the Most Merciful abilities
You will be guided to truth 

Look everywhere
Your question will be answered
Shift from earth shades
Do not ever be deceived by mirage 

Stand on the graves, it's a memory
That you will thank and then you will forget
Recite tones of Qur'ran 

Reward will keep you away from punishment
Follow a guide wise Prophet (peace be upon him)
Rays of wisdom from everywhere

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